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India is a prominent country of south Asian that is counted among the fast developing countries of the world. As it holds the second highest population of the world, several cities are now developed with the proper infrastructure for educating and employing the large numbers of Indian youth. The Government of India has taken many steps in this regard, through the past decades after gaining independence.


Many large cities of India now play a vital role in educating the youth of this country, through numbers of schools, colleges and universities. The educated students are then successfully employed in the public sector or private sector organizations. Many training institutes of various fields are also established for providing suitable training to the interested job seekers. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Pune and Gurgaon are few Indian cities that can be counted among the top ranks of cities that shape up the career of the people.


Most famous cities in India that provide academic and career growth


  • Delhi is the prime city that offers several universities, like Jawarharlal Nehru University and Jamia Milia University where general graduation and post graduation courses on various subjects offered. There is also National Law University for teaching law, National School of Drama for teaching acting courses, School of Planning and Architecture for imparting lessons on architecture, and many other specialized institutions. The students passing out from these prestigious institutions are mostly known to excel in their careers.
  • Kolkata is a highly advanced city in the field of education since British reign and now plenty of educational institutions are created here. University of Kolkata has a rich cultural heritage, with a long list of famous personalities passing out from here. Now several other universities, like Presidency University, Rabindra Bharati University, Jadavpur University, Indian Institute of Chemical Biology and many other private-owned institutions are operating successfully.
  • Mumbai is known as the financial capital of India and it also excels in the field of education and learning. Numerous colleges and universities are established here for educating the Indian youth and shaping up brilliant careers for them. Several colleges specialize in the field of commerce and economics, science, arts, social welfare and many other useful streams.
  • Chennai is the most important city in South India and it is also known to be a vital seat of education. Numerous schools, colleges and research institutions operate here for educating the young people and help them grow up with shining careers. Madras School of Economics, Central Leather Research Institute and Institute of Mathematical Sciences are only a handful names among them that specialize the students in specific branches.


Many other important cities of India have now excelled regarding career-based education and the students flock there every year.