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Tamil Nadu is a southern state in India that is bound by the Bay of Bengal on one side, while its land boundaries are shared with the other three South Indian states, namely Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Kerala. This state is famous worldwide due to eight UNESCO World Heritage sites and famous hill stations. This land is also known as a major seat of education and learning since the ancient times. Many learned men were born here who raised the name of India to a great height, among whom Srinivas Ramanujan is a prominent name. Now Tamil Nadu is acknowledged to be one of the most literate states in India, which is owed to the numerous educational institutions established here.


Enormous progress made in the educational field of Chennai


Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu and it is also the most important centre of learning and education in entire South India. This city has been recorded with a literacy rate of 90.33% that is the second highest in the country. There are more than 300 public schools in Chennai that are run by the Chennai Corporation, where lessons are mainly imparted in Tamil and English languages. Moreover, there are numerous private schools that are either affiliated with Tamil Nadu State Board of Education, or to Central Board of Secondary Education or Council for Indian School Certificate Examinations, New Delhi. There are also plenty of Montessori schools established all over the city, which educate the infants of the city, till they reach the primary section.


The higher education can be taken from the University of Madras, which is one of the oldest universities in India. Moreover, there are Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, College of Engineering and Anna University for educating the engineering students of this state. There are also some other prominent institutions for vocational education, like Central Leather Research Institute,  Structural Engineering Research Institute and Indian Maritime University, where the students can aim for bright careers in life. The interested students may also enrol in Indian Army Officers’ Training Academy for joining the military forces of the country.


Thus, many young students from all over India come to Chennai for their higher studies and face no problem here, as English is the main medium of learning in that stage.